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Learn Italian language & culture

Italian private lessons in Zurich in a location of your choice

Business and Legal Italian 
This course focuses not only on developing the four main skills but it is specifically targeted to acquire technical terms and expressions that are common in your business field,  helping you to communicate efficiently in your everyday  challenges. 
Exam Preparation
The CELI and TELC are useful for people that study Italian or work within an Italian context and wish to evaluate their Italian language skills. 
Preparation Program focuses on four main areas of knowledge in different contexts and situations: comprehension, conversation skills, grammar exercises and text reading.


Italian Art and Literature
This course explores the interdisciplinary fields of  Italian literature, art and music, offering a total immersion and multifaceted learning experience of the Italian culture, through the lens of the Italian Renaissance.


Italian for Children
Children have a natural gift for acquiring new languages. In this exciting, innovative and fun language course, children learn how to speak and interact with natural ease by means of exciting stories, games, songs and playful activities.


Standard Italian course
The aim of this course is to develop the knowledge of the language stimulating the four main skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing through the use of video, newspapers, songs,  focusing on your needs and interests. 
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