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About me
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My name is Flavia and I was born and raised in Palermo, in the beautiful island of Sicily. I was fortunate to grow up in a charming town surrounded by the sea, heated by an everlasting sun and distinguished by a monumental history.

​The study of the ancient Greek and Latin languages and cultures in high school opened my mind and made me fall in love with the poetry, the theater and the history of these glorious civilizations, that are also foundations of the Italian language.

During my college years, I realized how important was to spend time helping the less fortunate. I became a volunteer for Saint Egidio's Community helping poor and disadvantaged children in Palermo. I tried to make myself useful in any way I could, teaching the Italian language to dozens of young immigrants that reached Palermo hoping for a better future. I really should  thank my first students because their smile and their first Italian words ignited in me the spark of love for teaching.

​Living in a region like Sicily, that is known worldwide as the native land of "mafia", has inspired a desire for redemption in me and a great interest for law. Following the example of heroic Judges, like Falcone and Borsellino, that spent their life to give a better future to Sicily and its people, I felt really proud to study Law at University, hoping one day to follow the footsteps of these great men. I graduated with honors in 2012 and for three years I have worked for a legal office but the ways of life are endless and for sentimental reasons in 2015 I followed my husband in Zurich and I started a completely new chapter of my life.

When I arrived in Switzerland, the words of the Sicilian writer Leonardo Sciascia resounded  in my mind "if you have lived in Sicily for more than 25 years you will not be able to leave".  And at the beginning I really found quite difficult to restart my life... But if I had to evaluate these years in Switzerland,  I  would not regret  having learned a new language, made new friends and accepted new challenges!

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