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Italian courses in Zurich

"A different language is a different vision of life"

Federico Fellini

"A different language is a different vision of life"

Federico Fellini

Italian courses in Zurich at your working place or in any public location of your choice

Italian for Adults

Italian for Children

Italian for Companies

Italian online

Conversation Lab

Enlarge your vocabulary
and range of expressions 

Exam Preparation

Strengthen your Italian and 
get the best TELC and CELI score

Italian Art and Literature

Explore Italian culture through the lens of its literature, art, theater and music 

Teaching Method

My teaching method maximizes the unique experience of learning Italian through its culture. I believe that learning Italian is easier through the Art, Film, Literature, Cousine and Music of Italy.

Lessons are interesting, interactive and also fun, organized in a relaxed atmosphere in which learning becomes natural. Text books are used in addition to authentic material, such as newspapers, magazines, video and songs, facilitating the language and cultural learning  process.

Also a slice of home-made tiramisù or Sicilian pastries will certainly make everything more fun in our lessons!



My name is Flavia and I am a passionate  and dedicated teacher. I love helping my students learn and practice Italian language in the most effective and pleasant way. / ltalienisch in Zürich / ltalienisch in Zürich

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